The escape room that bring you in Italy from your sofa!

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The Hidden City is an escape room that can be played comfortably seated on your sofa. Like a classic escape room there are puzzles to solve, objects to analyze, actions to perform. But in addition you can take a virtual journey through the streets of major Italian cities!

The story

The Hidden City is an Italian book from 1976 about the Lux Videntium, a special form of alchemy in vogue between the XV and XVI. The theme caused quite a stir at the time and the public eagerly awaited its release. But the book never reached the bookstores and disappeared without a trace. The author, the university professor Ermanno Folli, has retired to private life and has not been seen in public since then.

Ermanno Folli's notes constitute the heart of the escape room: will you be able, by reading and deciphering them, to reconstruct history?

Folli's notes


what do you need

To play you just need a smartphone with internet connection, pen, and paper, and obviously your desire to discover hidden secrets

how does it work

After purchasing the game, you will receive a PDF scan of Ermanno Folli’s personal notes and you can start deciphering them

treasure hunt

Some puzzles require investigating the city. You can do this by looking for information on Google or by virtually visiting the streets and buildings with Google Maps Street View

1 to 6 players (even remotely, each from their own device)

set in several Italian cities

more than 2 hours of play per volume

nothing to print, no app to download!

The Hidden City is composed by several

self-contained volumes, each of them tells a piece

of Folli's story and is set in a specific city.

Each volume can be played individually

without the need to buy others.
The first volume, set in Turin, is currently available.

The Volumes


Vol. 1 - Turin

Buy the first volume of The Hidden City, receive Folli's notes, and virtually discover the secrets hidden in Turin

25 $


If you have a real passion for riddles you cannot miss our offer:
untile the end of 2020

you can buy the first volume for

only 19,90 $!


Don't risk losing your copy,
buy now!

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Minime Differences is an Italian collective for the production of urban and pervasive games. Usually we design and organize nighttime treasure hunts and photographic challenges with robots made of recycled materials. We like these activities, but we thought this moment required a different approach in order to make us feel closeness even from afar. You don't know us and want to find out how we work? Download here our free game "A Diary of Robot"


Do I have to know these cities in order to play?

No: you can play without knowing anything about the city in which the individual volumes are set.


Do I have to play all the volumes to have a complete experience?

No: each volume is self-contained, but playing all of them will give you more insight about the lore.


Do I have to play the volumes in order?

No: you can choose which volume to start, even though we suggest to start from the first one.


What do I need to play?

You need pen, paper, an internet connection, and a digital device (a computer, a smartphone, or a tablet). There is no need to install anything: you will receive a PDF file.


How can I play with a remote team?

To play in a group remotely you can buy the volume you are interested in, forward it to the people you want to play with, and start playing together when you’re all ready.


Can we play in more than six?

Yes, but we strongly advise not to exceed this number in order to have an optimal experience.


Is there a time limit to play?

No: you will receive a PDF file with Folli's notes and your task is not to stay inside a time, but to be able to decipher them. You can decide to play whenever you want and when to take breaks. You can play it in short sessions or in a single take (each volume requires a playing time of about two hours).


How does the sales platform work?

The purchase takes place directly on PayPal. Once the payment has been made you will be redirected to the page with the PDF of the volume you have chosen.

Can I give The Hidden City to someone?

Sure! If you contact us at saying you want to give the game to somebody as a gift, we will prepare a customized diegetic email for just an extra 5 $. Be aware that we may need up to 3 days to organize a customized gift, so please contact us enough time in advance if you intend to gift the game to somebody.

Yes, it’s wonderful, but I still have questions! 

We will answer all your doubts! Feel free to write to 


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